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Knee / Thigh / Groin (Universal Large) Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

Knee / Thigh / Groin (Universal Large) Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

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Use our Knee / Thigh / Groin Ice Pack and Ice Wrap on the injured area for treatment of common muscle and joint injuries, and for relief from pain and swelling. Great for pulled Groins, thigh bruises (contusions) and all types of Knee injuries. Our Universal Knee, Thigh, and Groin Ice Wrap is also perfect to soothe soreness caused by chronic pain due to overuse. It is the largest of our Universal wraps and was designed to accommodate larger athletes such as basketball players, football players and anyone with larger knees. Because it is fully adjustable, this item really is “one size fits all” and will comfortably fit anyone – from “petite” to “extra large”. This ice wrap uses our extra wide mouth ice bag and can be easily filled with an ice dispenser or ice scooper.

This size fits all adults with normal to large knees and legs.

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