PROSERIES® products are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured in the United States.
All PROSERIES® ice wraps are durable, easy to apply and use ice as opposed to gel — for the most effective cold therapy treatment possible. Our ice wraps apply firm compression and provide a customized fit, regardless of a patient's size or the desired area of treatment.

  • Ability to Ice Anywhere (home, clinic or field)
  • Uses Real Ice—The most effective way to relieve pain and swelling
  • Mobility During Treatment
  • Customized Fit for Penetrating Cold Therapy—exactly where you need it!
  • Highest Quality... Made in USA


Real Ice Vs. Gel Packs

ProSeries Ice Pack Systems combine a real ice pack with a wrap designed to apply firm compression for the most effective cold therapy possible. The concept of our products is simple — Real Ice Relieves Best!


Superior Treatment for Pain and Swelling… Real Ice Relieves Best!

Ice Wraps and Ice bags have been used by Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and top level athletes for decades. Why? Real ice provides the fastest and most effective cold therapy for injury relief. By reducing inflammation and drawing blood flow toward the injury you will experience faster healing time and less pain.

Pain Management for Professional Athletes

Sports injuries are common in high level competition. Pain killers and analgesics such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen mask the pain but do not promote healing in the affected area. Ice Compression Therapy can significantly reduce pain and swelling and lead to a more rapid recovery. The Proseries Compression Therapy Ice Wraps use real ice packs combined with a compression wrap to provide immediate relief and instantly promote blood flow and healing. From ankle and knee sprains to hamstring and groin pull injuries, as well as lower back, shoulder and rotator cuff pain, icing is the most effective and fastest remedy available.

Real Ice vs. Gel Packs

Is there a difference between Real ice packs and Gel packs? Absolutely! There is a lot of confusion about ice packs and gel packs. Ice packs and ice bags have been used by medical professionals for over a hundred years. Gel packs are most commonly marketed to consumers thru convenience stores and large pharmacy chains, but not typically used in hospitals or medical professionals.

So what is the difference between ice and gel packs? Gel packs require the use of a freezer and must be applied immediately for cold therapy treatment. Gel packs will begin to lose their cold therapy properties after removal from the freezer and continue to warm once removed from the freezer. The additional warmth from body heat will reduce the gel pack effective treatment time to 15 to 20 minutes in most applications.

Ice has numerous benefits over gel packs. Ice maintains a constant cold temperature for up to an hour after application, long after gel packs have lost their therapeutic benefits. Proseries Ice wraps enhance the benefits of cold therapy by adding compression therapy for exceptional cold treatment when icing directly or even over clothing. Doctors also agree that the healing properties of real ice to reduce inflammation and promote healing and blood flow are the key reasons it is used almost exclusively over gel packs in the medical community.

Proseries ice pack systems combine a real ice pack with a form fitting neoprene wrap designed to apply firm compression for the most effective cold therapy relief. We offer ice wraps for every possible injury including:

  • Elbow/wrist ice wraps
  • Shoulder ice wraps
  • Knee ice wraps
  • Ankle ice wraps
  • Back ice wraps
  • Universal ice wraps

The concept of our product line is simple – real ice relieves best. Experts agree that Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (R.I.C.E) is the formula for treating chronic and acute sports, athletic, and recreational injuries. Talk to your Doctor, Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer about the benefits of ice and how it is essential to achieve your rehabilitation goals.