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Double Knee (ACL, PCL, MCL) Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

Double Knee (ACL, PCL, MCL) Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

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Our Double Knee (Post Surgery) Ice Pack and Ice Wrap was designed specifically for pre and post surgical use, rehabilitation and maintenance of an ACL / PCL / MCL or meniscus repair. Our double knee ice wrap surrounds the entire knee with cold and compression for the greatest control of pain and swelling possible. This will allow for quicker return of range of motion, quicker return to strength training, less time with assistive devices and ultimately a faster return to a normal life style. Our adjustable strap system allows for a customized and secure fit while providing compression for any knee size. Unlike other cold therapy products, which keep you connected to an ice chest via a tube, the Double Knee Ice Wrap can be used throughout the rehabilitation process and reintroduction to sports – and provides for a much greater ease of use. A must for anyone recovering from knee surgery. This item uses two of our extra wide mouth ice bags and can be easily filled with an ice dispenser or ice scooper.

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